Sunday, March 9, 2008

Adsense Alternatives | Make More Today

With the introduction and ever changing position of Google to give good value to its advertisers i.e. the people who spend money on AdWord campaigns and smart pricing tactics my Adsense bottom line is often left looking a bit dismal to say the least. Sometimes you have to consider is it worth the effort to make a unique content website get it promoted etc just to pick up a few dollars a day.

Now is the time to consider that as well as running AdSense campaigns you need to make sure that you are doing the maximum you can for your website. These include considering new techniques that have been recently introduced. The first one being Kontera text ads these work in a similar way to AdSense however they intersperse themselves within the text of your website content with a highlighted bold link. These are allowed to work on sites with AdSense and therefore are an excellent opportunity to increase your web pages bottom line.

By careful usage and good reporting you should be able to tune your sites to get the best web advertising content links. I have added Kontera script to my websites and have managed to increase my monetary income from those sites. The second interesting initiative that has come along recently and is starting to cause quite a stir within the internet marketing business is the introduction to net audio ads and pay per play. The pay per play system went live around February 2008. Since then it has been steadily rising through the method of being able to play five second audio ads on sites.

This works by the addition of a simple java script to your website and I can see that this media will be increasing in the near future however I can also see that the web users starting make sure that the web users are going to have the sound off on the machines and only turn it on when they are looking at specific websites like YouTube or MP3 site where they want to hear the content on the site.

The last thing you need to do with your website is to make sure that you have on your website opt in system list generator as the power of list building is second to none for making money online. Having used on your website opts in scripts then it is simple method requiring the web designer to add an auto responder to the page with some words to entice a user to give up their email address.

Making sure you have all these elements on your web page will increase your bottom line as once you have built the appropriate list generated you can go to click bank or commission junction and try to sell some suitable products or services to these clients of yours. This is definitely the way forward in generating extra income via your website.

For more information on the following ideas look up the appropriate sites this will give more information on these services and methods in turning your AdSense sites into a site with extra streams of income available. Bringing your bottom line payments to a more acceptable level for the time and effort spent on the design and optimization of your web sites. Affiliate marketing and AdSense alternatives you need to make sure your web site is doing everything possible to make money online today.

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